Will investing in a new boiler add value to your home?

We always assume that when we purchase something new for our home it’s going to help increase the overall house price. That’s certainly correct when installing a new boiler. It’s no secret that boilers cost over a thousand pounds, but the benefits outweigh sticking with your old one, so it’s an investment worth thinking about if you’re looking to sell your home. If you’ve had to fork out for numerous repair bills on your current boiler, then this long-term ongoing payment might be an indication that it’s time to purchase a new one. Whether that’s a combi boiler, heat only or system boiler, there are a number of advantages to take into consideration. 

One of the most attractive outcomes buyers will be prepared for is the reduction of bills. Every month we’re hearing how much energy prices are soaring and one way to help combat this is to spend money on the initial outgoing of a new boiler. Not just a short term fix as they can last between 10 and 15 years, and regular services can extend its lifespan even more. They’re more energy efficient and feature the latest technologies such as smart thermostats and phone capabilities such as Hive applications. This means you can control its output at the touch of a button even when you’re not at home. Overall, this is designed to make your home more efficient and reduce energy costs which will certainly be noticeable a few months after installation. 

Modern boilers are usually more eco friendly too. Although combi boilers still use gas and oil, leading manufacturers have designed and put to market efficient models to lower emissions and make them as environmentally friendly as possible. This can be a great step forward to helping you overhaul your home to make it more sustainable. Whether this includes switching to LED lightbulbs, adding solar panels and other energy efficient appliances. All of these energy saving measures will certainly add value to your home. 

Potential buyers, who are searching for a new house, will be looking at what modern systems are already installed so that they don’t have to replace items themselves. According to reports and property experts, having a modern heating system and boiler already fitted into the home can add up to £8,000 on its overall value. This figure is more than the initial outgoing, so it’s certainly an attractive option. The housing market at the moment is very competitive and it’s more lucrative to potential buyers to have a new boiler in place. Not only are they more reliable, but homeowners can enjoy the warranty still. Plus all of the benefits mentioned will be a pull factor when searching for homes. It means that little maintenance will be required and they can be content in the knowledge that they won’t have to pay unwanted fees for an engineer to come out at short notice when the boiler isn’t working. 

There’s always the comparison of whether it’s better to just repair an old boiler or buy a new one altogether, especially when looking at how much a new one will cost. As tools and replacement parts have become expensive over the last year following the pandemic, you might be surprised how much a short-term fix could cost. According to the GoCompare Property Investment Calculator, a new boiler is seen as one of the most valuable features alongside electric car charging points, central heating and insulation. Items like this make your home more appealing and can do wonders when it’s initially valued. 

Whether you’re looking to sell your home and make some improvements before putting it on the market or in search of replacing your old boiler for a contemporary one, Kerry Maintenance, are here to help. Our years of experience in the industry make us a recommended choice for homeowners thanks to our high standard of service and impressive selection of boilers from mainstream manufacturers. We can help guide you on what system is best and how it can improve your home if you’re on the path to putting it on the market.