Limescale Damage Prevention

Many areas around Gloucestershire and Bristol suffer from hard water. This can be very damaging for the appliances in the property. At first thoughts you may think of the limescale in your kettle, but it can build up in your boiler and water cylinder too.

Limescale build up in your boiler can be quite detrimental and result in costly bills to replace damaged parts. With limescale, prevention is key. When we install new boilers, we fit a limescale reducing device as standard. It is a requirement from most boiler manufacturers now. However, a limescale reducing device can be fitted at any point. If you know your property suffers from hard water or you have recently had a part on your boiler replaced due to limescale build up, give our office a call and we can give you a quote to install a limescale reducer to your system.


The main limescale reducing device which we recommend, and install is, Combimate by Cistermiser. Combimate is a small unit that is plumbed straight into the mains cold water supply in your house. The water runs through the unit and through the Combiphos balls. Combiphos is a food-grade polyphosphate compound that prevents the formation of limescale build up in your hot water system. This coats the inside of the pipes, or any metal surface that the hot water comes into contact with, in a thin protective layer. This acts as a barrier to protect it from any limescale build up. When plumbed directly into the mains cold water supply your whole hot water system is protected giving you piece of mind. Combiphos balls are required to be changed each year, if this is missed it may result in limescale damage.

For more information on Combimate visit their website.

Nailsworth Case Study

We were called to a property in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire as the tenants were claiming they were only getting half a bath of hot water. After investigation we found that the hot water cylinder was full of limescale build up leaving only a small space in the tank for the water to heat up. Unfortunately, the hot water cylinder could not be repaired or saved so a new cylinder needed to be fitted. Nailsworth has extremely hard water and this is a very common issue in these areas, but these problems can be prevented. To help reduce the amount of limescale within a water system and protect the new hot water cylinder, we installed a Combimate limescale reducing device. We plumbed the Combimate directly into the mains cold water supply so the whole property would be protected.



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