Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Some old central heating systems may not be working as they should, but this does not necessarily mean you need a new boiler.

Over the years systems can get filled up with sludge made up from iron filings and debris from the inside of the radiators. This can block up the boilers, pipes and radiators resulting in the property not being heated efficiently. The boiler will then be using more energy by working harder to heat your home, leading to higher utility bills.

Checking Your Radiator

If you think your radiators are not heating up properly you can carry out a quick check.

  1. Make sure the heating is fired up and getting hot.
  2. Going around your house and checking all the radiators, feel over the radiators for hot and cold areas.
  3. If there are cold spots at the top of the radiators there may be air in the system. This can be resolved by bleeding the radiators.
  4. However, if there are cold spots at the bottom of the radiator, this could be from the sludge accumulating in the bottom. Sludge can take up a lot of room in the bottom of a radiator so hot water cannot pass through as effectively.

What We Can Do

If sludge is present within the system, we can remove it. We use a high-pressure machine which forces water through the system to flush out the sludge and debris. This will unblock any pipes and radiators. If only one radiator is suffering from sludge build up, we may only need to flush one part of the system, but more common than not the whole system will have sludge build up. This process requires water to be pushed through until it runs clear, and this may take some time. Once the power flush is complete, we will then fit a magnetic system filter which will collect any sludge in the system. This filter is required to be cleaned out each year and will protect your boiler and central heating system from any more sludge build up.

Although sludge build up in central heating systems can be resolved, prevention is always a better method. When we install new boilers, we fit a magnetic system filter as standard. It is a requirement from most boiler manufacturers now. We will also power flush the system when installing a new boiler, so the water is nice and clean, so it won’t block up the new boiler.

There are many different magnetic system filters on the market. Some boiler manufacturers have their own filters which they recommend fitting when installing a boiler.



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