Vaillant’s REMASTERED Boiler

Vaillant has introduced the REMASTERED ecoTEC plus boiler, aiming to enhance home heating with practical features. The system is designed for your efficiency and convenience.

A notable feature is its compatibility with the myVAILLANT connect, a plug-and-play internet gateway. This allows you to manage your heating through a user-friendly app, integrate it into your smart homes, and receive remote care and support within minutes. This enhances the efficiency of the heating system and offers a customer-friendly experience.


Beyond its external appearance, the ecoTEC plus incorporates a refined internal layout. Components are easily accessible, simplifying maintenance and servicing. Moreover, the installation process has been designed with both user and technician convenience in mind.

The ecoTEC plus includes a semi-touch interface for straightforward operation. Users of all levels can easily navigate settings, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Enhanced connectivity opens doors to remote diagnostics, performance monitoring, and control. This shift towards improved connectivity aims to offer you greater flexibility in managing your heating system.

In essence, Vaillant’s REMASTERED ecoTEC plus is more than a boiler; it represents progress in home heating technology. By combining practical features with user-friendly design, Vaillant aims to simplify and improve the heating experience. The ecoTEC plus is poised to reshape how we approach and interact with our home heating systems.