How to defrost a condensate pipe

The temperatures have dropped in Gloucestershire and everything is looking a bit frosty. We are inundated with phone calls about boiler break downs.

The most common reason for boilers breaking down in freezing cold conditions is due to the condensate pipes freezing. This can prevent the boiler from functioning properly. The boiler naturally produces a small amount of waste gas which turns to water as it cools. The condensate pipe drains this water outside. It is usually a white overflow pipe, similar to one you may find on a washing machine or sink waste pipe.

Common symptoms of frozen condensate pipes are:

  • The boiler makes unusual gurgling or bubbling noises
  • The boiler displays warning lights or error codes
  • The boiler has shut down

To defrost your condensate pipe, pour warm water (not boiling) over the pipe until the blockage has been removed. You may need to reset your boiler once the pipe has thawed out.

Vaillant have a great video to explain how to do this. Follow the link below.

Vaillant Winter Weather Advice